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Synthetic wigs come in pre styled designs. The curl pattern is set into the fiber and will remain there as long as it is cared for properly. They are generally light weight and require very little care. They are available in a machine made or hand tied design. The hand tied synthetic wig gives a very natural appearance as if the hair is growing from the scalp. There are many excellent choices in synthetic wigs. If you need help, you can check thewigsca.com to find more wigs canada!

Human hair wigs will vary in quality. There are different types of hair that can be used to make the wigs. The most expensive will be the European virgin hair. This type of hair is in its natural state and has not been colored or processed. Many of the excellent human hair products that are easier to care for have had the cuticle removed from the hair. This helps to prevent tangling of the hair. Always ask questions regarding the quality and care of the wig that you are considering purchasing.



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